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As vaccines for COVID become more readily available, questions about the vaccine keep popping up. Can you still get COVID after you get the vaccine? 

How effective are the vaccines? When can everyone be vaccinated? The answers to these questions are in the following blog post. 

Though it is possible to get infected with the virus after having the vaccine, the symptoms will be milder than without the vaccine. The Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines have a 95% efficacy rate. Dr. Fauci says virtually every adult will be eligible for the vaccine by early spring (April).

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Is Reinfection Possible? 

Just like with other vaccines, reinfection is possible after receiving the vaccine though the chances are smaller than without the vaccine. Studies have shown that those who do contract the disease after vaccination have much milder symptoms to no symptoms at all. 

How Effective Are The Vaccines? 

For reducing or eliminating symptoms of COVID, both Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines have proven to have about 95% efficacy. Efficacy indicates how well the vaccine did in clinical trials, “effectiveness” means the success rate in the real world.

In addition to the 95% efficacy at eliminating symptoms, studies show vaccines may be efficient in breaking the chain of spreading the virus. This means the vaccine has great potential to be effective in the real world. 

Vaccines Work

By the government’s projection, every adult in the United States should be eligible this April. Due to logistics, most Americans should have the vaccine by the time summer rolls around. 

Getting vaccinated, along with washing your hands and wearing a mask (as the CDC recommends), will help protect public health and reduce COVID to nothing more than a common cold. 

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