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At Main Street Medical Clinic, we are focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness and disease for adolescents 16 and older, adults, and geriatric patients. 

We offer treatment in multiple areas of general internal medicine including all adult diseases, preventive care, urgent care, and hospital care. Backed by years of medical education, our internal medicine providers are readily equipped to deal with a variety of common or rare medical issues.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic pain or illness doesn’t have to control your life. Our healthcare team will help you find remedies to alleviate pain and discomfort while pinpointing the root cause of your symptoms.

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Preventive Health

A proactive approach to your health can minimize the risk of developing serious medical issues by catching any warning signs early. Enjoy a long and happy life by prioritizing your wellness through preventive healthcare.

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Medical Testing

Looking for answers to unresolved medical problems? At Main Street Medical Clinic, our providers use the latest technology and medical testing for quick diagnosis and treatment.

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Acute/Urgent Care Services

Many illnesses and injuries require immediate medical attention. As your neighborhood healthcare team, we’re here to provide expedient care and quality treatment for those more urgent situations.

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Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Services

Our team of professionals are trained precisely to care for the unique needs of PA/LTC patients, no matter the transition stage they are going through.

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