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There are two primary types of care people need throughout their lives: preventive healthcare and ad hoc treatment. Both are of near-equal importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes one or both types of healthcare falls by the wayside in favor of the other. Has this happened to you?

Preventive healthcare keeps you healthy in general, while treatment addresses a specific disease or problem that prevention can’t completely eliminate. How much time and energy do you dedicate to both types? It’s essential to schedule regular appointments with your healthcare provider to stay in your best shape. 


When you get sick or have a chronic illness, you go to your primary care doctor for professional treatment. The goal of treatment is to solve an existing medical issue that has been properly diagnosed through medical testing. Internal medicine practices in the United States are often focused on the treatment of illnesses rather than prevention, with modern technology making remedies easily accessible.

Preventive Care

Preventive health care can save lives by keeping your wellness under control and preventing disease before it occurs. Your internal medicine providers have wellness exams and physicals available for you to take advantage of and gain peace of mind from. The idea behind preventive health is that in getting your yearly physical done, you are taking control of your wellbeing. 

Pro Tip: It’s best to have a wellness exam done at least once a year to detect potential threats to your health.

What Role Does Each Play?

At the end of the day, both preventive care and specific treatments are at our disposal for our health and wellness. Whether you seek a healthcare provider for treatment of an ailment or for a general health checkup, it’s important to put your wellbeing into consideration in your everyday life by sticking to a well-rounded diet and exercising often. 

Stay Healthy!

While preventive health is easier for patients to control and practice, it’s not necessarily more important than specialized treatment. Both play important roles in staying healthy and preventing potentially serious conditions from worsening. As you take a more active role in caring for your health, don’t neglect one form of treatment in favor of the other. Find the right balance to stay healthy and keep diseases or injuries under control.

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