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You may have heard people blame vaccines for a plethora of dangerous health conditions. It’s critical to listen to the advice of doctors and scientists over random health bloggers. For the safety of your children, younger children,  and people with compromised immune systems stay up to date on vaccinations. 

Why Vaccines are Important

Our immune systems are amazing but vaccinations provide protection from deadly diseases that were almost eradicated.  Similar to many medical treatments, vaccines come with a small risk, but the benefits far outweigh the potential side effects. Perform your own research, and only trust reliable sources to understand why vaccines are so important for yourself and your children:

  1. Keep Your Family Self
  2. Herd immunity
  3. Protection for Years to Come

1) Keep Your Family Safe

Many people can’t get vaccinated including young children, the elderly or those with weaker immune systems.  Keep those closest to you safe from potentially deadly diseases. This is essential for diseases like measles, which carries an alarmingly high mortality rate, particularly among unvaccinated children. Vaccinations might be outside of your comfort zone but they are more than worth a lifetime of protection against dangerous diseases.

2)Herd Immunity

You may have heard anti-vaxxers claim that they’re perfectly healthy. You could even have your own traditional methods of protection against disease. Don’t believe everything you read. Some people such as the immunocompromised, pregnant women, babies, and some cancer patients rely greatly on herd immunity. When your friends, family, and community are protected through vaccines, it’s reducing the risk of vulnerable people becoming ill.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of people who refuse to vaccinate are limiting the protection offered by herd immunity. While some may claim that vaccines are poison and they’re promoting a holistic healthcare approach, they could actually be contributing to the spread of fully preventable diseases.

3) Protection for Years to Come

Vaccines have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce or eliminate illnesses, most notably a particular strain of the flu virus. Amazingly enough, many sicknesses are headed toward extinction since an immunized population gives them nowhere to survive. Vaccinating yourself and your children will contribute to this effort while helping to control the spread of deadly illnesses– ultimately protecting the next generation from potentially deadly disease. 

The Benefits of Vaccines

Preventable diseases are seeing an increase in cases worldwide due to the misinformation about vaccinations. Fight the rise by getting your family vaccinated. Protect yourself and save your child’s life through modern medicine.

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