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At Main Street Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing the best healthcare we can for our patients. Our team has put in more effort than ever during the pandemic. But even when the world returns to normal, we hope to continue maintaining our high standards of care. Here are just a few ways we work hard for you.

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Extensive, Personalized Care

We believe that good health starts with prevention and healthy living. Most of our time is spent conducting wellness exams, health screenings, medical tests, and other types of care to equip our patients to understand their long-term health. We also work with patients living with chronic conditions or those in need of post-acute care. We understand each patient is unique and requires specialized care for their conditions. With our preventive approach to healthcare, we hope to give our patients the knowledge and resources they need for a long, healthy life.

Accessible Location

We believe no one should have to drive unreasonable distances for quality healthcare. Consequently, we currently host two locations: one in The Woodlands area and one in Huntsville. Both offices are conveniently located just off I-45. Both of our locations are fully staffed and equipped with everything you’ll need for a productive doctor visit.

Professional Team

Every member of our staff, from receptionists to doctors, understands the need for excellent healthcare. Every team member receives personalized training in addition to their medical research to best care for you. Our team works hard to give you a smooth experience from start to finish.

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