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The pandemic has changed the way many of us view going to the doctor. As healthcare workers prioritized emergency cases and high-risk patients, more stable patients didn’t bother as much with preventive health visits. However, this was and still is a risky move. Annual wellness exams are important, especially for anyone with a chronic health condition.

Even as restrictions persist, you shouldn’t put off wellness exams and preventive health appoinments. Your doctor likely offers safe ways to get the care you need safely. Here’s a closer look at why wellness exams still matter in the age of COVID-19.

Preventive health is important for everyone, no matter your age or health condition. The pandemic hasn’t changed that. Here’s why you should still schedule your next wellness exam. #MainStreetMedical #MainStreetClinics #COVID19 #preventivehealth Share on X

Why Wellness Exams are Still Crucial

The purpose of an annual wellness exam is to ensure you’re in good overall health and to catch any signs of developing problems while they’re still in their early stages. These visits can make a difference in anyone’s life. However, anyone with a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease absolutely cannot skip these exams. In fact, the ongoing pandemic is even more of a reason to keep these appointments. Patients with chronic diseases are already more vulnerable than the general population, and with the ongoing pandemic, they’re only more vulnerable. A wellness exam could quite literally save a life.

Telehealth Visits

For safety and convenience, many doctors’ offices continue to host virtual doctor visits. You might consult with a physician over the phone or through a video call. Most common health issues examined during a wellness visit can be discussed virtually. If your doctor feels that you require a physical exam or testing, they can help you schedule a separate appointment. For the most part, however, you’ll be fine with a telehealth visit.

What to Do if a Physical Visit is Necessary

If your doctor requests that you physically visit the office, take precautions. Call ahead and ask about specific guidelines the clinic has in place, if any. Wear your mask and maintain social distancing as much as possible. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as you arrive and right before you leave. Most importantly, follow any special instructions from your doctor. Do your part to protect yourself and others to prevent further spread.

Take Care of Your Body

Even in the midst of a pandemic, your body still needs the same care and support it always has. Don’t neglect your own health in your quest to stay home as much as possible. Consult with your doctor about the best strategy for your needs.

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