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Many Americans deal with multiple complex conditions at the same time. Chronic conditions can make life more difficult, but fortunately, we have the ability to assess and resolve the issue with medical assistance. So what is chronic disease management, and how does it work for patients?

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Through medical testing, regular check-ups with your doctor, and practicing treatment, you can get started on the track to a happy and healthy life. Here’s how chronic disease management works for patients with multiple conditions.

What is Chronic Disease Management? Main Street Medical Clinic, Houston

Screenings & Testing

Meeting with your provider to get medical testing done will give you the answers you’ve been looking for about your chronic conditions. Allergy testing, spirometry testing, and screenings for other chronic conditions are used to understand where the issue is coming from. 

Wellness Check-Ups

Your primary care provider will recommend regular check-ups to analyze how the treatment is working and to stay up-to-date on your current conditions. Be sure to check in with your doctor any time you have an issue with medications or questions about your treatment.

Management & Treatment

Through preventive health care, your provider will recommend daily lifestyle choices to improve your health, healthy diet options, and any medications or therapy needed for the management of your ailment. If you have multiple health conditions, you may need to take multiple medications. 

Pro Tip: Your doctor will make sure that your conditions are safely treated by knowing potential side effects and reactions with one another. 

Take Back Your Quality of Life

At Main Street Medical Clinics, we want to see you thrive! Learn more about the positive effects of chronic disease management and how it can improve your quality of life.

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