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Many of our patients deal with chronic illnesses every day. And unfortunately, these chronic diseases can sometimes interfere with their ability to schedule a timely doctor’s appointment or even complete a normal day without needing help. Fortunately, the healthcare field has a solution: Connected Care.

Chronic Care Management, or CCM, is an online program that allows patients to communicate remotely with a nurse who will provide virtual care and advice immediately. This is a vital service for anyone who can’t visit the doctor as often as may be necessary. Here is a closer look at CCM and how it can help patients living with chronic diseases.

For patients who can’t come to the doctor as often as they need, #MainStreetClinics has a solution: Connected Care Management. Learn what it is and how it can help here. #MainStreetMedical Share on X

Connected Care Services at MSMC, Main Street Medical Clinics, Houston

What is CCM?

Chronic Care Management is a way for patients to communicate with a registered nurse without physically coming to the office. When you use CCM, you’ll be connected with a healthcare professional trained in treating your illness and briefed on your specific symptoms and needs. They will answer any of your questions and provide you with immediate guidance regarding your treatments or medication. They will be your easiest contact and most dedicated advocate to get you the care you need.

Benefits of Connected Care

CCM has no cutoff time and no maximum number of visits, allowing you to spend as much time as necessary speaking with your nurse. You’ll also be provided with home equipment, such as scales and blood pressure monitors, that will allow your nurse to check your vitals in real-time. Best of all, your nurse will ensure that you understand how to take charge of your health and allow you to have an informed conversation with the doctor on your next office visit.

Pro Tip: Connected Care lets you check-in with a healthcare professional between office visits to monitor your health and any ongoing concerns.

Managing Your Health Through Virtual Nurse Visits

Our goal is to provide the best care possible to our patients. Through services like Connected Care, we hope to make healthcare more accessible to those who need it and enable our clients to take charge of their own health.

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